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Is the Red Rocks Shuttle worth it? Is it a good deal?

Yes! Because Red Rocks is a little farther away from the core of the city, folks traveling to Colorado without a vehicle will have a much easier time getting to the show if they ride with Shuttles To Red Rocks. We provide great shuttle service with friendly staff, and friendly drivers.

Can you just Uber, Lyft, or Rideshare to and from Red Rocks?

The answer is yes you can, but beware it can get very expensive. We have heard horror stories of folks trying to get rides after the show and it taking a long time due to traffic conditions. It usually is NOT easy to get a ride after the show so we recommend planning ahead. The safest bet is to ride the bus with us!

How do I get to Red Rocks without a car?

You are in the right place! Purchase a shuttle pass from us and you can get a round trip ride to and from Red Rocks Upper North Lot - The best lot for easy in and out, air conditioned bathrooms and easy access to the venue entrance.

Using this site – ADA Accessibility

If you use assistive technology (such as a Braille reader, a screen reader, or TTY) and the format of any material on this Website interferes with your ability to access information, please contact us at (888) 380-0556 or To enable us to respond in a manner most helpful to you, please indicate the nature of your accessibility problem, the preferred format in which to receive the material, the Web address of the requested material, and your contact information.

Is there a minimum age to purchase a shuttle pass?

Nope! People of all ages can purchase and ride the shuttle. All guests riding the shuttle are required to purchase a pass regardless of age. Please understand that all riders must sit in their own seat you may not place a child in your lap for the ride, and we cannot accomodate car seats. All guests under the age of 18 are required to have an adult with them who also has a shuttle pass.

Do I need to provide the names of our entire party if I purchased more than one shuttle pass?

Nope! We only require one name per order. As long as the purchaser is attending with your group, there is no need to provide any additional names.

Can a friend or family member pick-up my pass on my behalf if I can no longer attend?

Sure! To accommodate this, the original purchaser must provide the new rider with a copy of their photo ID along with a copy of the shuttle receipt. Please note: we encourage you to block any sensitive information on your ID, just as long as your photo and your name are easily viewable. The new rider will present those items to our check-in staff and be able to board the shuttle without any issues. However, all informational emails and correspondence will still go to the original purchaser, and it is up to them to relay the information to the new guest that is riding.

Does my shuttle pass include a ticket to the concert?

No, it does not, but it does provide you with safe, reliable round-trip transportation.

I'm traveling to Denver for the show, any suggestions on where to stay?

Yes! We are pleased to offer a special Shuttles to Red Rocks exclusive rate at Hotel Monaco. To view our offer and to book, please click HERE!

Can I leave items on the shuttle during the show?

No, items may not be left behind on the shuttle during the show. Guests are loaded on a first come, first served basis following the show, and it is likely you will not board the same shuttle for your ride back. On Location Experiences is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

What if I need to pick up my tickets at the box office?

Most Red Rocks event tickets are now digital Flash Seats! Please follow these simple steps below to obtain your digital tickets:

  1. Get the AXS app if you haven’t already (iOS or Android)
  2. Open the app and sign in to see your tickets
  3. Show the tickets on your mobile device at the gate and get them scanned to enter

If you’re going with a group, make sure everyone enters together, or transfer tickets to friends before the event if your seats are not restricted for transferability (some Flash Seats do not permit transfers). For more information about Flash Seats, please visit If you do not have digital tickets and need to stop at the Box Office, please contact our Guest Services team at least one week prior. Our shuttle will gladly stop at the Box Office, but advance notice is super helpful! However, please know we unfortunately do not always have the ability to wait due to traffic restrictions and regulations at the venue. There is a possibility you will need to walk to the venue entrance from the Box Office.

Is there a lost and found for any items lost on the shuttle?

If you have lost an item on the shuttle, please reach out to our Guest Services team at (888) 380-0556 or We do our best to make sure lost items are returned to their rightful owner.

Can I use my On Location package for a contest/giveaway to promote my site, product or event?

No. On Location Experiences trademarks, intellectual property, tickets and other offerings may NOT be used for advertising, promotions, auctions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose, without express written consent from On Location and its partners. Please see our purchase policy for more detail.

I changed my mind/no longer need the shuttle passes, can I get a refund?

Typically the answer is NO. All sales are final. We won't process refunds because you changed your mind. There may be certain circumstances in which a refund or free ride code is permitted but only under specific. There are no guarantees that we can process a refund for you. All refund requests must be made within 48hours of purchase to be considered.

Do your shuttles ever sell out?

Yes, it is possible that buses may sell out. We advise you to purchase as soon as you know you’re going to the show. Our online sales turn off once our first check-in opens on the day of the show.

I only need a ride one-way, can I still use the shuttle?

While we do not offer one-way passes, you are welcome to use our roundtrip shuttle passes one-way. If you are opting to only ride the shuttle back to Denver, we simply ask that you call our Guest Services team the day of the show to let them know. They will be sure to reserve a seat for you on the ride back and confirm the pick-up location. Our Guest Services team can be reached the day of via phone at (888) 380-0556.

Are you the same as bus to show?

No, we are NOT affiliated with Bus To Show. We are called "Shuttles To Red Rocks" formerly operated by CID Presents, CID Colorado, currently operated by On Location. We are also NOT affiliated with other Red Rocks Shuttle programs. We do however provide buses to the show aka Shuttles To Red Rocks right here!

Can I bring my drone/laser pointer/pet llama/binoculars into Red Rocks?

For all questions relating to what you can and cannot bring into Red Rocks, please refer to this handy guide. In reference to the items above, no/no/no/yes.

Do you offer wheelchair accessible shuttles?

If you require wheelchair accessibility, please first read the Red Rocks Amphitheatre Accessibility page. Also, before you book your shuttle with us please first send an email to with the date and detais of your request. Since our shuttles drop off and pickup at the Upper North Lot, accessible shuttle service is only available for those with ADA seats in row 70. If you have purchased shuttle passes and have ADA seating outside of row 70, please contact us.

I've tested positive for COVID-19. Am I eligible for a refund?

Our packages are sold as non-refundable per our purchase policy. Please contact our Guest Services team via email, or phone, (888) 380-0556 for any other options that may be available to you.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages on the shuttle to tailgate at Red Rocks?

Sure! If you are 21+ and have valid ID, you can bring your own beverages to tailgate with. Small, soft sided coolers will be permitted on a first come, first served basis, storage availability permitting. Most of the time we will be in a coach bus with plenty of room. Please note, glass bottles are not permitted on the shuttle and no coolers may be left behind. If you are bringing your cooler with you, please make sure it falls within the permitted items guide

Shuttle Locations & Times

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When does the shuttle leave for the concert?

Our departure time varies by shuttle stop. Shuttles depart from each stop at the following times:  

Thirsty Lion Union Station: 30 minutes prior to event door time

Illegal Pete’s Colfax: 45 minutes prior to event door time

Hotel Monaco Downtown: 45 minutes prior to event door time

Origin Hotel: 15 Minutes prior to event door time

For up-to-date event door times, check out For shuttles for events at other venues, please check the event details and more info for departure times. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure. Arrive at the start of check-in to enjoy the full length of happy hour specials available at each shuttle stop!

When will the shuttles depart after the concert is over?

Shuttles will depart promptly after the concert is over. We will wait about 30 minutes after the music ends for everyone to make their way back to the shuttle. Don’t worry, this is plenty of time if you leave the venue and make your way directly back to the shuttle. We are not responsible if you miss the bus because you went and met up with your friends for a beer in the Upper North parking lot after the show.

How will my shuttle pass be delivered?

All On Location “Shuttles to Red Rocks” passes are will call only. Will call will be picked up during check-in at your respective shuttle stop. Upon arrival, the purchaser will present photo ID and receive a shuttle wristband for each pass purchased.  

It’s the day of my event, when should I arrive at my shuttle stop?

Starting 90 minutes prior to departure, an On Location representative will be at the shuttle stop to check you in.

Example: The Red Rocks website shows doors open for Britney Spears at 6:30pm, our check-in and departure schedule would be the following:

Thirsty Lion Union Gastropub & Grill Union Station

Location: 1605 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202
Check-in opens: 4:30pm
Shuttle departure: 6pm *

Illegal Pete’s Colfax

Location: 2001 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
Check-in opens: 4:15pm
Shuttle departs: 5:45pm

Origin Hotel Red Rocks

Location: 18485 W Colfax Ave., Golden, CO 80401
Check-in opens: 4:45pm
Shuttle departs: 6:15pm *

Hotel Monaco - Denver (Central)

Location: 1717 Champa St., Denver, CO 80202
Check-in opens: 4:15pm
Shuttle departs: 5:45pm *


Just in case you forget, we will send you an informational email about 72 hours prior to the event with all of this information and any further details.

Is parking available at the shuttle stops?

Parking is available at both locations. While there is not free parking at Thirsty Lion Union Station, you can find and reserve parking in the area HERE, enter Union Station Denver in the search bar. Illegal Pete’s Colfax, Great Divide Barrel Bar, Esters Oneida Park, Esters Gold's Marketplace, and Origin Hotel Red Rocks has free first come, first served parking, either street parking or a lot. Ride-shares and public transportation are also great options to get to either stop!

What if I miss the shuttle to Red Rocks?

Not to worry! If you miss the shuttle to Red Rocks, you can still ride the shuttle back to your stop following the show. If you miss the shuttle there, please contact our Guest Services team to let them know. They will be available via phone at (888) 380-0556.

What goes on at the shuttle stop before we leave?

Each shuttle stop will have a check-in booth with our team members there ready to answer your questions and help get you on the bus! In addition, Red Rocks Shuttle riders will have access to food and beverage specials. We encourage guests to come early to secure a table and take advantage!

Where do shuttles drop you off at Red Rocks?

Our shuttles drop off and pick-up in the Upper North Lot, right near the tunnel. Only ADA passengers can be dropped off in the top circle lot to stay aligned with venue operations. Our shuttle riders have easy access to air conditioned bathrooms and the entrances in the upper north area, ramp and top circle lot. Our shuttles remain in this location for the duration of the event and will depart from the same place 30 minutes after the event is over.

Can I switch my Shuttle Stop?

Typically the answer is NO. Please make sure you are purchasing for the correct shuttle stop. All requests to change shuttle stops/ticket types must be made WITHIN 48HOURS OF PURCHASE to be considered. We can't guarantee the ability to switch shuttle stops. The ability to switch stops is based on a couple factors. If you would like to make any changes to your order, please contact our Guest Services team at (888) 380-0556 or to discuss any possible options. Again, there are no guarantees but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

You didn’t answer my question! What gives?

Feel free to hit us up at or (888) 380-0556 with any other questions you may have and hey, if multiple people ask the same question, it will then become a FAQ and will be on this very webpage!

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